Dealing with gambling addiction

Extreme online casino gambling is a rush that’s hard to explain. It gets the adrenaline pumping. It’s an action-packed thrill that leaves you wanting more. And if you’re not careful about it you could get addicted quite easily. I think extreme gambling is great but not when it gets out of control. I’ve been there.

But once I saw the signs I was able to get my gambling addiction under control. There are simple steps you take to deal with your gambling addiction. And the great thing is you don’t have to deal with it alone. If you’re looking for tips and resources to help you cope with your gambling addiction, you’ve come to the right place. Be aware that there are online casinos that support responsible gambling. They do not want you to become addicted and harm yourself or your loved ones, and so they set up programs in which players can set daily, weekly, or monthly wagering limitations so that before they get sucked into the adrenaline and the rush of playing the game, they logically place a limit appropriate to their bankroll. One casino that seriously promotes this is Mr Green Casino.

One of the first things you need to do is recognise that you have a problem. Maybe you’ll find yourself stealing money from friends or family. Or maybe it’s as simple as spending money you had set aside for your children’s education. Whatever it is, if you find yourself doing things you never thought you would, you may have a problem.

Often people who are suffering from a gambling addiction are aware on some level that their actions are destructive and are negatively impacting the lives of their loved ones. I know I did. But that didn’t stop me. It got to a point where all I wanted to do was gamble. All I could think about was what bets I was going to place. It literally consumed me. This is known as compulsive gambling and if you have any of these symptoms you need to know that it’s time to seek help.

I used to think that because I didn’t gamble every day I wasn’t a problematic gambler. That I didn’t have a gambling problem. I soon discovered that’s not the case. See the thing is that when I gambled I went on big gambling binges spending thousands more than I ever should have. I took me a while to realise just how problematic this behaviour was.

It may take you a while to identify gambling behaviour which is problematic but once you do you can take action. The thing that you need to realise about gambling addiction is that when it comes to getting help the same things don’t work for all gamblers. You need to find something that suits you and your weaknesses.

Overcoming gambling addiction is one of the most difficult things I did. It’s not going to be easy and you should be prepared for that. But always keep in mind that there are many different places you can reach out to for support. Also, don’t ever think it’s impossible. With enough commitment and determination it’s possible to beat gambling addiction.

Something I would really recommend is Gamblers Anonymous. This really helped me build up the courage to give up my addiction and to stick with my recovery program. It gave me the structure and support I needed.

For those who don’t know, Gamblers Anonymous is a 12 step recovery program which relies on choosing someone to be your sponsor. Sponsors can be any recovered gambler. The great thing about a sponsor is that they’ve been there. They know first-hand what you’re going through. I know I wouldn’t have gotten through it if not for my sponsor.

For those who aren’t too keen to try Gamblers Anonymous, there’s Cognitive-behavioural therapy. I haven’t tried this but I have heard really good things about this. Cognitive-behavioural therapy aims to change unhealthy gambling behaviour by helping you work through and understand your emotions surrounding gambling.

You’ll also learn some very useful techniques to fight your gambling urges. People I have spoken to about this approach to gambling addiction have said that it also helped them process with the many emotions that they couldn’t deal with such as guilt, feelings of regret and failure.

Another option is the Four Step Program. This aims to help you deal with your addiction by changing your thoughts in four steps. The steps used in the program are re-label, reattribute, refocus and revalue. This program aims to change an addicted gambler’s way of thinking about gambling.

I shied away from therapy when I realised that I had a problem as felt that was a sign of weakness. Don’t be that person. I realise now how helpful it would have been to have sought out therapy. Dealing with a gambling addiction leaves you with a lot of emotional baggage to process and it’s really helpful not to have to do that alone. It can also contribute to the success of your recovery. I have the utmost respect for people who seek therapy as a form of treatment as they are strong enough to realise they need help and to do something about it. For a responsible location where you can play casino games without real money is Royal Vegas.

Often dealing with a gambling addiction can mean changing your lifestyle. If you have friends who are gamblers you may need to cut ties with them. You also need to avoid environments that are tempting or that you associate with gambling. This can be very hard at first but it will get easier over time.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. There are tons of resources available online and many people you can turn to for support. What’s important is that you accept that you have a gambling problem and are determined to do something about it. Be open with your friends and family as often they will be your biggest source of support. I know it’s hard but you’ll be surprised at how understanding and supportive they are. All it takes is that first step.

Good luck. I wish you all the best as you attempt to deal with this addiction. I know it’s not easy. But rest assured, you can beat gamblingaddiction. I did. And there are many other success stories out there. If nothing else, these should be enough to inspire you and give you the hope you need to quit once and for all. If you are not an addict, be sure to support your addict friends, but also be sure to choose casino games that will withdraw your money and payout in a timely manner, such as Spin Palace.

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