You may laugh. You may shrug your shoulders in disbelief but the trick to making it as an extreme gambler has more to do with controlling bankroll than most people care to admit. Let me tell you, from my experience knowing how much you afford to gamble and gambling it can make or break you as a gambler. Effective bankroll management doesn’t mean you can’t take risks or have adrenaline inducing fun. Quite the opposite, I assure you.

The thing about bankroll management is that it seems easy enough. Just memorize a set of rules and there’s no need to worry about flushing your money down the toilet. Well, if only it were that simple. You may have a set of rules but few players have the discipline to stick to them. The trick is to find a bankroll management strategy that suits your playing style. Keep in mind that if the bankroll strategy is too restrictive you’re simply wasting your time and are unlikely to stick to it. At Winner Casino they help you stick to it by making you set up your limit before you start your gambling day, and that way you just cannot go over the wagering limit you set for yourself and cannot change your mind once you’ve gotten yourself deep into the game.

This many seem obvious but it’s something I never did and doubt other extreme gamblers care about. Before doing anything take a hard and honest look at your finances. How much can you really afford to set aside for gambling? If it’s money you’re saving for your children’s education or for paying off the mortgage, stop right there. Gambling should be fun and shouldn’t become a guilty pleasure. So bottom line, be sure the money you’re using is money you can afford to lose gambling.

The next step I would highly recommend is to decide how many days you want your bankroll to last. It’s pointless to calculate your bankroll and then spend it all in one day. That defeats the purpose. So what I recommend is that you divide your bankroll by the number of days you plan to gamble. This will give you a good idea of how much you can spend daily. Of course there’s nothing really stopping you from spending it all in one session. You need some self-discipline. And that’s not something I can help you with. That has to come from you.

Part of a well-thought out bankroll management strategy involves deciding what you’re going to do with your winnings. Before playing I’d recommend deciding on what percentage of your winnings you’re going to keep. That way you’ll know how much of your earnings you can afford to blow. This may sound like I’m stating the obvious but trust me when you have something to show for a night of gambling you’ll thank me.

I would avoid all betting systems, especially those for roulette. Most betting systems cause more damage than anything else. They also often require that you have access to an unlimited bankroll. Some of the most irresponsible gambling I’ve done happened while I was following a betting system. I remember thinking this losing streak will pass and when it does I’m going to be rich. So I kept on increasing my bet and not only did I not win but I walked away broke. Royal Vegas Casino will let you play some rounds for free, so I recommend playing there if your wallet just cannot afford a lot of heavy gaming.

Gambling is one of the most exhilarating sports I’ve ever played. And I definitely recommend you give it a try. But take my word for it, if you don’t have a solid bankroll management system in place you’re wasting your time. The only way to keep your gambling in check and to make sure you don’t lose more than you can afford is with a plan and lots of self-discipline. Good luck and happy responsible gambling.

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